hiking with a donkey in france

Hiking with a donkey in Limousin

hiking with a donkey in france

family hiking with a donkey

Hiking in the company of Louna, is giving a rhythm and essence to the walk.
The donkey is gentle, docile, sometimes mischievous...
But it's above all a wonderful travelling companion.

Going through the hamlets followed by Fol'Avoine, is opening the doors of homes, meeting the locals, their traditions, their memories...

Following trails lined with low walls in the company of Lupin, is marvelling at the richness of nature, all rustling with streams, radiant with light, rippling with the scents of the undergrowth.

la Montagne Limousine

Our region is particularly suitable for family hikes : altitude from 500 to 900 metres, moderate elevation changes, shaded course, a range of routes wide enough for each and everyone to choose the "course" wich suits him best...    
A succession of moors and bogs, forests and groves, legendary stones and cross roads is found at the edge of Plateau de Millevaches, where Vassivière spreads out its fascinating waters.

The children are both motivated by the adventure, sometimes relieved by sitting on the back of the donkey and fascinated by the special relation forged with the animal.     

Practical informations

Your donkey carries up to 35kg (77lbs) evenly distributed in saddle bags we will provide. It glagy covers the 12 to 18 km (7,5 to 11,2 mi) which will take you to the evening lap (on courses accessible to all). On arrival, it can rest and eat in the meadow reserved for it. As there is no "groom" at this lap, you have to take care of your road companion.

Your donkey

Ask for you, hikers, a good dinner as well as a cosy bed, reserved by us, awaits you tonight at the inn, tomorrow in the break and breakfast the in the gite...in line with the taste of the villages covered.
Before departure, during the final preparations, one of you will equip the animal : first the brush and currycomb, then the  blanket and finally the pack-saddle... "But how is this strap tied by the way ?..." Remember the time we spent together on the first day, to show you all the tricks of a successful harnessing... If not, a look in the instructions booklet should solve the problem...

Hiking with children

Hiking with a donkey, is not riding : it is trekking, even for the children... From 3 to 5 years, the children can obviously rest from time to time on the back of the donkey. From 6 years, the child can already be an excellent rider : it is up to you to make him responsible, the donkey will perfectly  know how to motivate him... From 8 years, they do not climb at all on the  donkey : they brush it, tether it, and pet it.