2 days donkey-hiking

Monts et bocages

Limousin's mountains with a donkey / 3 days / 43 km / 26,8 mi

Rent a donkey to hike in france


hiking suitable for families because accessible to all: little drop, short steps ...

Minimum age recommended for children: from 4 years old

hiking with a donkey: the circuit of limousine mountain

inn / fullboard

tour operator for hiking in limousin

organized by Appaat Millevaches
travel operator on the regional park Millevaches in Limousin.

 from €245/ adult

rental of a donkey + accommodation + meals

Junior rate (4 to 11 years old): €120

toddler price (under 4 years old):€50


Rate on a 4 people basis with 1 donkey

interest of the circuit

3 days-tour with a donkey

comfort of accommodation

hiking with a donkey in france

the hike of Limousine Mountain with a donkey
donkey-trekking in france
Donkey-hiking in limousin
le Ranch des Lacs, your lovely step in Augne

First day (4:30)

Let's start the adventure !
By leaving the farm of Donkeys, the route leads you up to the foothills of Mont-Larron. It dominates the valley of Maulde of its dark and impressive silhouette... The still hamlets inspire peace : under the sun, the old granite houses seems to be asleep. After a last moment by the river, you join Saint-Julien-le-Petit.
This evening, you'll stay in the inn of the village. >> Saint-Julien inn

Second day (4:15)

Today, you will cross woods and meadows where graze the famous cows limousines. If it tempts you, a small bathing in the lake of Martineix is completely possible. During this time, your donkey will relax in the fresh grass. In Augne, you can discover the tiny church Saint-Pierre. Finally, we wish you a beautiful stage at the Ranch des Lacs. Jules and Françoise, the owners of this charming place will know how to advise you ther specialities, in particular the famous Fondue Pelaude.

Third day (5:30)


The route of this third day invites you to cross big forest domains. You'll see beeches, larches, red oaks but also roe deers, foxes and other inhabitants of woods.
From hills to valleys, do not miss the Arbre aux Poules, a big oak which indicates the way to Peyrat-le-Château.
You join in the afternoon the farm of Donkeys. All good things come to an end (unless you extend your stay with an unusual night in gypsy-caravan) !

hiking with a donkey in france

organized by Appaat Millevaches
travel operator on the regional park Millevaches in Limousin.

Hike with a donkey in france
family-hiking in france
family-trekking with a donkey
discover limousin with a donkey
hiking with a donkey in Limousin Mountain