Sleeping on the farm

renting a cottage in Limousin

Rent a gite... for a very "cosy" stay.

It is set up in a real Limousin farm. The river, wich runs below, makes the day of fishermen. There are meadows, small woods, springs and trails to discover within the surroundings.
In front of the house, we have laid out a flower garden, where you can dine in the summer, under the shade of the arbour. The children will be very busy : they can feed the fowls, pet dogs, care for donkeys, etc.

sleeping in a yurt in france

Yurt holidays... In search of nomadic spirit.

Larch and birch forests, legendary stones, moors and bogs, lakes in the valleys signify that you are  in Limousin ! In this wild beauty country, yurts have all found their place naturally. You will enjoy the comfort of this nomad habitat and the richness of its furnishing.
In the morning, you will be served a sumptuous breakfast at the farmp, ideal for hiking enthusiasts.

sleeping in a gypsy-caravan in france

the gypsy-caravan

It has just arrived, quite beautiful with its lively colors. It's installed in the entrance of the sunken lane. This evening, we'll switch on lanterns and we'll tell stories. Donkeys with long ears will come certainly to listen to them... 

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holydays in a farm in Limousin