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the natural park "Millevaches en Limousin"

When we speak about " Montagne Limousine ", we speak first foothills West of the Massif-Central. The region is very hilly but the height never exceeds 1000 m (peak of Limousin is the Mont Bessou: 987 m).

The density of population is here particularly low because of a massive drift from the land but, in return, the environment is very protected. Biotopes are highly varied and rich: peat bogs, moors, forests, bocage...

The common line of these landscape is the omnipresence of the water: brook, lakes, ponds do not we say that the Plateau de Millevaches is the water tower of France?

lake vassivière in france

le lac de Vassivière

The Vassivière lake (15 minutes) is one of the biggest articifiels lakes of France (on 1100 ha, 45km of banks). A right way to discover it consists in following the trail shore or to embark aboard the lake shuttles.

The island is a very festive place where are very often organized concerts and festivals. Here is an art center  about landscape and a sculptures park.

Around the lake, you can find many watched beaches.

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medieval villages

Eymoutiers (à 15 minutes de la ferme) : City established on the Vienne river, we've celebrated in 2012 the millennium of the collegiate church St - Etienne. You can stroll in its alleys lined with houses of recognizable tanners in the timber framings of the last floor. Saturday is the day of the market where find themselves the producers of the surroundings.

St-Léonard de Noblat (à 30 minutes) : On the via Lemovicensis, St-Léonard and its Romanic collegiate church was a stage major of the way to StJames in Spain. You can taste during your visit the local speciality : marzipans.

Bourganeuf (à 20 minutes) : The medieval city around the Zizim tower is worth seeing, in particular on Wednesdays, the market day.

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holidays in limousin


L'espace Rebeyrolle (20 minutes)
Le Moulin à Papier du Got (40 minutes)
Les Loups de Chabrières (50 minutes)
Limoges, capital of Limousin and porcelain (1 hour)


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our favorite circuits for hike

lake Vassivière in France


The Waterfalls of Augerolles and Jarrauds (15 minutes)
The moor of the Puy Lacroix hill  and the Path of the Poets (20 minutes)
Faux and Lavaud-Gelade lakes (30 minutes)...

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