€ 108
/ adult

the lac de Vassivière with a donkey

Duration : 4 days / 54 km
 Accomodation : camping / bivouac on a natural area
The route taken on the 2nd and 3rd days is the trail around the shores of the hugue lake. Many Swimming opportunities 

lac de Vassivière : pour vos vacanbces en famille, une idée de rando avec un âne
Vacances en famille avec un âne : une randonnée autour du lac de Vassivière en Limousin
bivouac au bord du lac de Vassivière pendant votre randonnée avec un âne en limousin
Une rando avec un âne en Limousin : le lac de Vassivière
Vassivière en Limousin : circuit de randonnée autour du lac avec un âne


Day 1 ( 4:30)
Make a detour as soon as you start hiking through Moulin de l'Eau to get to Peyrat-le-Château. You will be feel like you have "left civilization" when you leave the town... You will climb slowly till you reach Quenouille through an old road lined with low walls, on the hillside. It is a typical hamlet of the Montagne Limousine with its picturesque granite walls. You then go down the Sentier des Poètes (Poets' Path) to Lake Vassivière where you set up the first bivouac.

Day 2 (4:30)
The day's lap is quite simple : just follow the shoreline ! First at the foot of the Crozat wood, then from village to village, from one beach to the other, from a cove to a bog... until your evening lap : bivouac on the peninsular of Broussas (with a beach 100m away). 

Randonner en Limousin avec un âne : le lac de Vassivière à découvrir en famille


Day 3 (5 hours )
The lap is longer but whitout any major difficulties. The shore trail takes you today towards the nord-east of the great lake, a wilder and wooded shore than yesterday. In the end, you will find Auphelle and the bivouac of the first evening (a beach is 200m away).

Day 4 (5:15)
Return to the valley and the town of Peyrat through the moor of Quenouille and the Grammonts.