€ 355
/ adult

Gorges de la Vienne with a donkey

Duration : 5 days / 71 km
 Accomodations : Inns and Bed  breakfast / full board

Randonner avec un âne en Limousin : les gorges de la Vienne
Vacances en famille en Limousin : la rando avec un âne
Randonner en famille avec un âne en Limousin (gorges de la Vienne)
Un âne pour une randonnée en Limousin


Day 1 (4:30)
You get acquainted with your donkey and learn how to put a pack-saddle on correctly. Departure is by late morning. Between groves and pine forests, you will pass Le Cloup, Ladrat, Présenchères... all elegant hamlets. Then, discover the extensive panoramas of the Montagne Limousine from the top of Mont-Larron.

>> auberge de Saint-Julien


Day 2 (4 hours)
The Maulde languid in a series of steep-sided lakes line your course : you will first pass the Larron lake, then Sainte-Hélène lake when you are near the village of Bujaleuf. Are you tempted to go swimming ? Do not hesitate : a small beach can be the place for a relaxing and refreshing moment.

>> auberge de Bujaleuf


Day 3 (6 hours)
Go first to the Chalard castle wich overlooks a meander of the Vienne. You now have to penetrate the gorges of this very rugged river as it is close to its source on the Plateau de Millevaches.


Day 4 (4:15)
The journey continues with the gorges de la Vienne in the background. The railway line from Limoges to Clermont-Ferrand also winds through the valley and you may be lucky to catch sight of the steam train showing around summer visitors in this wild setting... A detour through the Farsac castle will take you to la Closerie, for the next lap.

>> Eymoutiers


Day 5 (5:30)
All good things come to end... During the return lap, you will discover the rich heritage of the medieval town of Eymoutiers (it seems ice cream and pastries quite close to the Saint-Etienne church, are delicious...)
The  Ânes de Vassivière farm and maybe a night at the yurt camp is just at the end of the road.