Between Maulde and Vienne : 5 to 6 days with a donkey

donkey-trekking in france

semi-roaming stay - 5 days / 4 nights - 53 km

6th optional day at Ranch des Lacs

5 to 6-days tour with a donkey


Flexible stay in semi-roaming. Perfectly suited for a first experience with a donkey. Recommended for families as it is accessible to all: little difference in height, short stages ... Recommended minimum age for children: from 4 years old

5 to 6-days trekking with a donkey


yurt or gypsy-caravan on the donkeys farm, country inns

5 to 6-days hiking with a donkey

stay organized by Appaat Millevaches
travel operator on the regional park Millevaches in Limousin.

 from €390/ adult - €180 / child

* Price from ...for the 5-days tour
and on a basis 
2 adults + 2 children
between 4 and 11 years old

with 1 donkey + accommodation + meal

An estimate will be made to finalize your project

interest of the circuit

trek with a donkey in France

comfort of accommodation

hike with a donkey in limousin

yurt and donkey-hiking in france

Day 1 - Welcome to the Ferme des Ânes!

We are expecting you at the end of the afternoon (5 pm-7pm). Presentation of the farm and installation in your yurt. You can get to know your donkey.

Free meal in the village (we will tell you our favorite places around).

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Day 2 - (training + 3 hours 30 mminutes for the circuit)

Christophe offers you a very complete training to introduce you to hiking with a donkey. How to drive the animal? How to use the harness? How to prepare the package? The things to do, those to avoid ... He explains everything you need to know and you can help yourself by benefiting from his help and benevolent advice.

He then offers you to test test "in life size": choose one of the loop routes around the farm and it's up to you!

Second night in a yurt on the farm.


It's just the perfect formula for a first experience and to approach the hike in all serenity.

family-trekking with a donkey in france

Day 3 (4 hours 30 minutes)

Along the way, the hamlets and Limousin farms that line the route are picturesque and the hilly landscapes particularly bucolic. Undergrowth, meadows, bocage ... all nestled at the foot of the imposing Mont-Larron.

To the peaceful rhythm of the donkey, the small path leads you towards the Maulde valley where several lakes with dark waters follow one another and are suitable for many legends. Do you know that of the Lord of Rochain, his wife Geneviève and little Manuelou?

The village of St-Julien, tight around its church, will be your evening stopover.

Kheira and Denis are waiting for you! They're already preparing dinner tonight and the aroma that escapes from the kitchen really whets your appetite! Something to feast on and regain strength for the rest of the adventures ...

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Hike with a donkey in france - limousin

Day 4 (4 hours 15 minutes)

This day begins with a walk on the shores of Lake Martineix. Hill after hill, you arrive at the charming village of Augne, nestled between woods and pastures. Did you know that St-Pierre church is one of the smallest in the region?

A nice stopover awaits you in the evening, in guest rooms at Ranch des Lacs. Jules and Françoise, the owners, have placed their inn under the sign of gluttony and quality local products. They will be able to advise you on their specialties, in particular the famous Fondue Pelaude ...

So start by taking a look at the superb cellar ... With which vintage will you accompany Fondue Pelaude, a house specialty for over 25 years? And what about, after a good night's sleep, the gargantuan breakfast that awaits you tomorrow morning? In the unanimous opinion of our hikers, it is memorable!


Note: in summer, the swimming pool is at your disposal!


Optional: additional day at the Ranch des Lacs (idleness, swimming pool or loop circuit towards the Vienne valley with your donkey)


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donkey-trekking in france (5 days)

Day 5 (5 hours 30 minutes)

The itinerary of this final day is placed under the seal of the forest: beech, larch, red oak ... The hardwoods of the region will hold no secrets for you! Perhaps you will even have the chance to see the inhabitants of the undergrowth: deer, foxes, owl ...


At the top of the hill, the Poules Tree has been throne for a very long time, a large gnarled oak rich in legends: it indicates the path to Peyrat-le-Château and you can already see the massive silhouette of the Tour des Lusignan in the distance.


One last bridge over the Maulde and you reach the Donkey farm!

family-hiking with a donkey - france
donkey-trekking in france

Stay organized by Appaat Millevaches
travel operator on the regional park Millevaches in Limousin.

discover limousin (france) with a donkey