our best tours for a donkey-trekking in france

our most beautiful hiking trails with a donkey in Limousin

Our best tours

Monts et Bocages / 3 days / 43km 26,8mi

family-hiking with a donkey


hotel (full board)

hiking with a donkey: mountain circuit and groves (3 days in Limousin)
meadows and forests as far as the eye can see: hiking in Limousin
hiking with a donkey in limousin


hiking suitable for families because accessible to all: little drop, short steps ...

Minimum age recommended for children: from 4 years old

on the way...

Valley of the river Maulde and large forest estates in the heart of the Limousin Mountain ...

le lac de Vassivière avec un âne / 4 days / 58km 36mi

bivouac while donkey-hike in limousin


camping / bivouac

no meals

hiking with a donkey: circuit of Lake Vassivière (4 days in Limousin)
bivouac at the edge of the Vassivière lake
hiking with a donkey in france


Beautiful route on the lake shore trail. Although the altitude difference is reasonable, this hike should be reserved for the good walkers ... Minimum age recommended for children: from 10 years old (The donkey carrying a large part of the camping equipment, the children must be able to walk during the duration of the circuit.)

on the way...

the Poets' Trail (engraved stelae, moorland and peat bog) and countless views of the lake.

les gorges de la Vienne / 5 days / 71km 44mi

5-day hike with a donkey in the Massif Central


hotels and bed & breakfast (full board)

hiking with a donkey: circuit of the gorges of the vienne (5 days in Limousin)
step in the village of Eymoutiers
family hiking in limousin


A big loop in Limousine Mountain. Swimming opportunities on the course. Easy steps and a circuit quite conceivable family.

Minimum age recommended for children: from 8 years old.

on the way...

many picturesque hamlets, wild valleys (Maulde, Vienna ...) and Eymoutiers: a medieval village with a beautiful collegiate and its neighborhood of tanners.